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Development Packages
Our packages range from self-development to development with a coach, and also custom projects for organizations offering process consulting. All allow you to discover yourself and situation better, make goals, and help you build and implement a plan, customized to your needs. Start your journey with a free discovery session to find which one works for you the best. 
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  1. 1
    Self-Development for Executives
    Guides and equips executives through the process of building and implementing a development plan. Includes a discovery discussion, tools, and a complimentary coaching session.
  2. 2
    Self-Development for New Leaders
    Guides and equips new leaders to transition to effective leadership.Includes a discovery discussion, guides, and a complimentary coaching session. A psychometric assessment can be added on.
  3. 3
    One-on-One Coaching for Executives
    With the help of an executive coach you can identify and develop in a specific area. Includes a complimentary Growth Mindset assessment and an optional 360 Feedback gathering and evaluation. A psychometric assessment for work and career motivation can be added on.
  4. 4
    One-on-One Coaching and Leadership Development
    With the help of an executive coach you can build an individual leadership development plan. Includes a complimentary Growth Mindset assessment, and optionally input gathering from team members and 360 feedback. A psychometric leadership assessment can be added on.
  5. 5
    Organizational Effectiveness Diagnosis and Strategy
    Helps and guides leaders to diagnose organizational effectiveness on a specific topic through multi-source data gathering and analysis. In collaboration with the leaders, helps to devise strategies and interventions to improve effectiveness based on analysis and evidence.
  6. 6
    Employee Engagement Diagnosis and Strategy
    Helps leaders to assess current employee engagement state with in-depth analysis in the organization and reviews the situation with the leaders to recommend areas of focus for improvement strategies. Helps leaders to devise interventions that are based on their unique situations and evidence
  7. 7
    Leading Teams through Change
    Prepares and equips leaders to manage their teams through a major organizational change - sustaining performance and engagement throughout and beyond. It includes a discovery sessions, guides and coaching sessions at critical times.
  8. 8
    Planning and Managing Change
    Helps and guides executives who are given the task of leading the implementation of a major organizational change. It includes discovery and process consulting sessions to equip and guide the executives to plan, prepare, implement and sustain a desired change with evidence based tools for success.